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Pool Hyper has a sound name in the industry and we are frequently recommended by satisfied customers for fibreglass linings as well as our suppliers.

Fibreglass pool lining from the experts


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Fibreglass pools offer numerous advantages over marblite pools and is considered superior when it comes to durability. The surface is smooth, not rough and abrasive like marblite. Fibreglass linings prohibit algae from penetrating into the surface thus keeping your pool algae free. Controlling algae growth with the right chemicals will make your life much easier without the problems of algae setting root into the lining as you would find with marblite pools.

Experts in our trade

Our team at Pool Hyper has had over 15 years of experience. Installing a fibreglass lining will add value to your property and is most definitely a sound investment in your property.

A fibreglass lining moulds itself to the shape of your pool and is definitely the best option for swimmer comfort as well. Marblite, on the other hand, becomes very rough after a few years and even harder to keep algae from growing and setting root in the plaster.


Many years of experience has proved to us that our most satisfied customers are those that chose a fibreglass lining instead of marblite.

The fibreglass is chemical resistant and is not at all affected by chemical additions to your water.