Home Leak Test



Pool Hyper does a series of highly technological and advanced leak detection tests to determine if and where the pool is leaking. With a range of systematic steps, leak problems are identified and eliminated through the process. Leak Detech can then determine exactly where the swimming pool leak is.

But first, we need to determine if your swimming pool is really leaking or not. For this, we do the “Bucket Test”. The Bucket Test must be done by yourself before arranging a call-out with Pool Hyper, to confirm if your swimming pool has a leak or not.


A “Bucket Test” can be performed to determine how much of the observed water loss is due to evaporation and how much is due to a leak.

Take a 20 litre bucket and fill it with water and a brick or two, to weigh it down on the step of the pool.


Get the water level on the inside and the water level on the outside of the bucket, on the same water level height.


Mark the water level height on the inside of the bucket and on the outside of the bucket.


Monitor the water level in and outside of the bucket for 1 week and check the 2 water levels to see if the pool level dropped faster than the bucket level.

If the pool water level dropped more than the water level in the bucket, then there is a leak.


If the “Bucket Test” shows that your swimming pool has a leak, and would like Leak Detech to visit your pool to do the Leak Detech test on-site, then please proceed to submit your contact details on the contact form above.